Shipping & Returns

How We Handle Shipping

We now have two options for shipping:

  • Consolodated United States Postal Service / Global Post. 
  • United Parcel Service (UPS).


  • USPS Domestic
    • First Class (for packages under 1.0 pound). Delivery time varies up to 5 days, including Saturday.
    • Priority - Delivery times vary but most arrive in 2 - 4 days, including Saturday. 
  • UPS Domestic
    • Generally these are priced as Ground deliveries and are delivered in 3 to 5 days.
  • UPS International
    • This option is becoming our most popular for international packages. We are seeing impressive delivery times at a very good price. Expect delivery times up to 5 days. Note: Canada gets "Canada Standard" which has even lower pricing.
  • Global Post International
    • ​​​​​​​We have used this many times now and in most cases has a better price than UPS International and comes with both tracking  and a compettitive transit time.

​​​​​Note: we are not set up to collect Value Added Tax for EU or UK countries. Even so, customers have asked us to ship many packages with out the VAT payment (both UPS and Global Post. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Occasionally we get a request to falsely declare an item ordered so as to avoid import duties. Honoring these requests is illegal and would nullify our insurance.   These requests are refused.


How I Handle Back Orders

Over 90% of our orders are filled by the next mailing day or the next pick-up day following receipt of payment. Most orders are filled from inventory but some come almost directly from the shop. When an order is filled, we set the status to shipped. An email notification is automatically sent to your email address of record. The order is then boxed up, labeled and set out for pick-up by the shipper. The shipper (USPS/ will also email to you tracking information so that you know exactly where your order is.

If you do cancel an order, your only obligation is to advise me of that cancellation prior to the shipping date. Note: there may be refund and/or processing charges levied by PayPal - these are your responsibility. 

Return Policy - How I Handle Problems with Tools

We do not accept returns of specialty tools. If a tool is defective or fails due to poor workmanship, we ask the customer to contact us. We will arrange to evaluate and replace the defective part or sub-assembly. We will then inspect and verify the failure. If that inspection confirms the problem was due to a defect, we will repair or replace that item. Replaced/repaired tools are returned at our expense. Parts found to be damaged due to misuse are returned at the customers expense. We will do this for a period if 90 days from the time of sale. Any items returned to us without first contacting and arranging for return will NOT be accepted. We have no control or knowledge of how the shipper handles these items.

=================== FAQs ===================

When I select "Checkout with PayPal", I see the white PayPal processing screen but the amount does not include shipping - this concerns me because I want to see the total cost before I authorize a PayPal transaction.


This happens because you were not signed-in to the ArnnWorx web-store when you pressed the "Checkout with PayPal" button.  This is allowed but results in our server not yet knowing your shipping address, so the shipping amount cannot be passed to PayPal. However; once you have logged into the white PayPal screen and selected your funding source, your address info is sent back to our web-store server. The server process will proceed to our checkout-step-2. The shipping amount and taxes are then calculated and presented to you. In checkout-step-3, you will authorize the total amount (with shipping/taxes) and you are given the option of confirming or canceling. If confirmed, the full transaction will be completed by PayPal through your funding source.

I do not have and don't want to have a PayPal account. Does this mean I cannot purchase from ArnnWorx?


No! While we choose to use PayPal for all of our payment processing, there is no requirement that you have a PP account. We pay additional fees to make this possible.

And while we understand your frustrations with PayPal, there are some very good reasons why we use PayPal (even for our credit card processing). The most important of these is that PayPal based processing prevents any access by ArnnWorx personnel to your credit card information. All we know about you is your name, address, email, phone & last 4 digits of your card. There is no way for us to make any sort of unauthorized follow-on charge or other fraudulent transaction against your card or account. This is very different than standard credit card processing. If we used those systems, you would be trusting us to not initiate additional charges and not share or lose your credit card info. We don't like having that responsibility, so PayPal makes sense to us.

PS: This is also the reason we do not take credit card numbers over the phone.


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