944 Power Steering Cooler-to-Reservoir Hose Repair

I no longer sell a replacement hose for the 944 power steering cooler to reservoir line. I found a cheaper better method of making this repair. 

The reservoir fitting end is nearly 1/2", the cooler end is 3/8"; which would normally mean that we need a trumpeted hose (a small, formed hose with an enlarged end) for the reservoir. But instead, I have bought mcmaster carr 3/8 ID hose # 5288k12 and cut four small slits in one end. Each slit is 1/8th inch deep (no more) at 3,6,9,12 o'clock around the hose end. I use wire cutters to make the tiny slits (just one cut per, not a "V" or anything fancy).

 Have your reservoir free from the car and look at the end of the 1/2" fitting. Use a rasp to even it up a bit with a little more shape of a cone (this might not be needed but it helps). Don't file off the barb, we need that. 

Put the slitted end of the hose under your hot water faucet for about a minute, this will soften it. Clamp the reservoir in a vice.

 Now force that 1/2" reservoir fitting down into the hose - you will have to lean on it.

Clamp the hose and we are ready to re-install the reservoir.

PS When installing the reservoir, rotate it so the neither hose gets too much heat from the exhaust (you might even re-use the OEM spiral wrap), the hose length is about 16" but start long and trim it once everything is aligned and you're ready to connect to the cooler. ?   I'm sure many other hoses will work for this if McMaster-carr is not available.

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