944 Respray Rocker Panels

I'm finally going to re-paint my black car. It was last painted by a "professional" and there were so many short cuts taken. One of them was a half-ass cover-up of some minor damage to the rocker panel. I looked around the internet for guidance on this with out much success.

After some searching, I thought I wanted to try the 3M product (which is a rattle can product that costs about $40). My paint store guy gave me some guidance, and BTW if your auto paint dealer doesn't give you first class service and advice - find another. Good ones are rare but they are out there. Here's the one I drive 40 miles to buy from...

Viking Auto Paint 1325 Ferguson Avenue St. Louis, MO 63133 Phone: (314) 726-0305

Anyway, he said he didn't have the 3M stuff but the local shops all swore by this product: Transtar TexCoat Chipguard 4313. I was a little suspicious because it was the cheapest of the products he had available at $13 per can. He also said "Yea, a single can will do both sides easily." I told him its kind of important that I get that same German car texture, but he said, "Yep, this is the stuff."

So the first step is to remove the old rubber-based rocker panel. The stuff is fairly tough and has a sort of heavy orange peel texture. Ultimately I found a razor-blade scraper with a long sturdy handle that did this job easily.

Some of my pics aren't too good but you can see the shop's effort cover the problem. You might notice that the small diamond (that helps to locate the jackpoint) is missing, evidently they just filled it in as part of the cover-up.

With everything stripped away I find a few large holes that were drilled. I guess the shop tried the old 60's method of hook and pull.

Once I had everything straightened out I had about an eighth inch of filler right at the place where the diamond should be. I wanted that diamond so I made a tool to impress into the filler and re-creat the diamond.

Here is what the tool left me

Next is the masking

and the first coat of the chipguard

and here is how it look after primer

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