944 Body - Patch Panel

Patching a Panel

With old cars, all kinds of half-ass repairs have occurred over the years. Here are just a couple of photos of a patch repair that was needed after some fool welded the center nose panel of my 944 to the fenders. I guess it was easier to 'touch em' with a Mig than find a bolt and a wrench. Naturally, his Mig burned threw the fender and then this clown filled the hole with Bondo. The bondo absorbs water and the hole turns into a cancer in a year or so.


Anyway, sheet metal work is a learned art and not one that I have mastered but I'm good enough to cut out the rust and weld a small tab onto the corner of the fender.   It will still require some filler but at least now the bubbling rust problems are gone and the fender/nose panel attaches correctly.

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