944 Motor Mounts

If your engine seems to vibrate too much or maybe your exhaust header touches the car's pan, then maybe your motor mounts have failed. Or, you don't have the correct ones installed. Its pretty common. Many vendors sell an "OEM" mount that is not the Porsche liquid filled mount. The knock-offs look almost identical, so some ID information might be helpful.


Look for the "P" stamped into the rubber part of the mount. If there is no "P" then you might notice a difference. Mine have always have been Porsche mounts but one of my friends had me install some aftermarket mounts. I was expecting problems and there was one surprise but they seemed to do fine during my test drives.

There was one problem though and that was that the engine now sat a bit higher and the aftermarket rail gauge would have dented the hood - just lucky I noticed it before slamming the hood closed.



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