928 Engine Electrical

Injector Connectors

Porsche (and several others) like using these connectors.  I use a simple jeweler's screwdriver to release the pin and most times can pull the pins, change the backshell and quick re-install the pins (the little release tab may have to be bent back up as they tend to get smashed flat during removal).

Anyway, in my case I repaired the following connectors:

  • one on the water-bridge
  • the distributor (green wire)
  • all four of the passenger side injectors
  • Aux air valve

All were quick fixes except the injectors, they had enough heat damage that the back-shell was fused with the pins. So for those, I had to re-terminate (crimp/solder new pins).


At first I thought I would try to save the alternator. It is a Paris Phone unit which are not particularly well thought of. I did quite a lot of work on it, new slip rings, brushes, regulator, bearing etc. But once it was back together it failed again after only a few months. I don't remember all the details but here a few pics along the way to a GM alternator.

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