944 Interior Clean-up

A twenty-five year old car is a little like an archeological dig; the deeper you go, the more interesting stuff you find. This car below, is about as untouched as they come and even it has a few surprises.


One of my problems was that there was an ugly stain on the dash (above the radio) and on the console. I think these were caused by the sun and maybe a defect in the vinyl or the glue. Its hard to see in this pic (above) but was actually very noticeable.

I replaced the console to fix it and then tried to cover the stain on the dash with some dye (sometimes referred to as a coating for paint). The first dye that I tried (Duplicolor) did, in deed, cover the stain but didn't match the tan color of the interior well (see below) so I aborted that fix and went looking for a better matching stain.

After some debate, I settled on SEM's "Sandstone coating". The color match is excellent. Here are some example pics...


Along the way, I also re-sprayed the console and the glove box lid too. There's really only a little prep for doing this. Aside from the masking, the vinyl has to be clean of silicone's (armor all) and oils. In one place the stain beaded-up a little and I had to quick wipe if off and do another round of cleaning. Two light coats seemed like the best application and I only needed about 10 minutes for the first coat to flash.

Last note on SEMs: in browsing through my favorite upholstery supplier's warehouse I stumbled onto several different cans of SEMs prep products. I think these were mostly cleaners rather than some kind of primer but the point is there are some official preparation details that I skipped. If I were to do it all again, I think I would get the recommended stuff for preparing plastic/vinyl because I've found the SEMs coating, at least on vinyl, is not that tough. In the course of re-installing my dash parts, I accidentally scraped some of the SEMs coating off.  Here is a link to SEMS training materials.

Another aggravation is with the dash fascia parts, they are brittle plastic and invariably break when removed. Here is an example.

Hint: if you're buying these dash parts via ebay or from some other source; ask the seller to ensure the small molded brackets used to attach the switches are intact. Many times they are broken in the course of removing the parts and the seller isn't even aware of it.


Next up, is getting the seats out for a small repair and a carpet cleaning while they are out.

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