944 Paint Job


Garage Paint Job

There are all kinds of reasons to not paint a car. Its a lot of work, its moderately hazardous and its expensive. If you decide to do your own paint work, you might consider trying this acrylic urethane. It goes on easy, is easily color-sanded/buffed and covers better than most others.  

The fenders and nose had to come off for a quick repair, once back together I got a lot of the car apart and  clean-up  


The original paint was in pretty good shape, so just a quick spot pass with some primer.


The paint I'm using is PPG Acrylic Urethane - a single stage paint that covers fast and will only need a little buffing to cover my mistakes.


I used a (very economical) HVLP gun from Harbor Freight and it worked perfectly. Instead of painting the whole car, I broke it up in sections, this took more time but helped me to break the job up and each section had fewer mistakes. For instance in the early sections, I had many more problems with dust getting captured in the wet paint. But by the time I got to the hood, I had pretty much solved that using a big whole-house fan in the corner of the garage door.  Update: I later purchased a high-end spray gun - Sata 3000RP. It is clearly a better gun and atomizes the paint better but I still think the choice of using a single stage urethane is the biggest key to success. The clear used with 2 stage paints needs to go on pretty fast and this is a challenge for an amateur, like me. 


Using a wiper delete plug to fill the holes in the front bumper.

OK, ready for the buffer...


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