Engine Tools - Maxi Kit

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This kit is our best seller and includes:

  • The 920Xv6.2 belt tensioning tool - to accurately set your cam and balance shaft belts. This tool will work on all models of the 944, 944S1/S2, 944 Turbo, 924S and 968 (balance belt only). 

    Be sure to look through our 920X web page to see FAQs, videos, and downloadable instructions.

  • A standard 944 flywheel lock - to hold the crank and make removal/install of the crank bolt possible. This tool fits the 944, 944 S1/S2, 944 Turbo, 924S, and the 968 -with auto transmission. This lock will not fit the 968 with 6 speed manual transmission. There are no instructions included with this tool but lock installation is straightforward: place the transmission in neutral and remove the starter. Insert the lock into the bellhousing (clutch housing) and use the lock to nudge the ring gear either right or left so that the lock's mounting holes align with the starter's mounting holes. Secure it there with the provided hardware and the starter's mounting bolts.
  • A 24/27 mm thin wrench - to adjust the belt offset rollers and idlers. This wrench will work on all models of the 944, 944S1/S2, 924S, 944 Turbo, 968.
  • Our combo pin wrench - to remove/install the balance shaft cogs and retract/adjust the cam belt spring tensioner. This wrench will work on all models of the 944, 944S1/S2, 944 Turbo, 924S, 968.



The 920X tension tool.
Fig.1 - The 920X timing belt tension tool.


Note: 8/16/2021: We are experiencing supply chain problems on the black face gauge that we use for our belt tensioning tool. Going forward, we will use the white face gauge shown below. We will resume with the black face gauge as soon as possible.

White face gauge


24/27MM thin wrench
Fig.2 - The 24/27MM thin wrench - needed to adjust belt tension.


Here is a picture of our 24/27 mm thin wrench. If you have an 87 or newer model, then you will need the 27 mm end of this wrench. But, if you have an older model you may also need the 24 mm end for the early style rollers.


Flywheel Lock
Fig.3 - The flywheel lock - needed to prevent the crank from turning during remove/install of the crankshaft bolt.


Combo Pin Wrench in use
Fig.4 - Combo Pin Wrench - used in two places a) to adjust the spring tensioner of later models of the 944 and b) to remove/install the timing belt cogs (shown above).

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